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    fuck man. i don't even know what the fuck am I supposed to do anymore. everything is just so fucked up and shit. how the hell am I supposed to keep our friendship up?

    Obviously I'd be pissed if you told something to someone else that I told you only because I TRUSTED you. I fucking trusted you. You've put so much effort? Really? Is that what you think? Because every single time I send you a whole long paragraph or some whatever crap I was thinking about HAPPILY, I get "cheh" or "okay" or whatever one word answer you'd like to answer me with that day. How do you think that makes me feel huh? LIKE YOU DON'T WANT TO FUCKING TALK TO ME. You put so much effort? More like the other way round. I said I trust you. I did. TRUSTED. I don't think so anymore. Trust is hard to gain back when it's lost. Especially when I specifically said not to tell. And yippee fucking doodle doo. The secret's out. To someone that I dislike.

    No, I did not get angry at you without asking. I pretty much stated why I would be angry in my first goddamn message, and you lied. If I asked you that way, it was pretty obvious I knew, and yet you denied it. Don't turn the story the other way round, darling. And no, before you accuse me of doing so, I did not read your dm or whatever fuck. I was told. 

    I think I have every right to be fucking pissed.


    "f.m.l" was Posted On: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 @6:02 PM | 0 lovely comments

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